Brasla Cup

3D archery competition


Time & Place

10-12 May 2019, Latvia, Pārgauja district, Straupe parish, „Mārkulīči” (GPS: 57.300306, 24.909683).


“Free Wind archers” in cooperation with SC “AiM Archery”, shooting sports club “Mārkulīči” & Pārgauja district sports club.

Rules, Groups & Categories

Competition will be organised by approximated IFAA 3D rules – Double 3D Standard Round (2 arrows) & Double 3D Hunting Round (1 arrow), 56 unmarked 3D targets, individually and in teams. All 12 IFAA bow groups (for compounds 60 lbs rule) and three age groups – adults (17+), juniors (13-16) & cubs (-13). Team = BU, FU or FS (bows with sights) + BB, BH or TR (no sights, carbon arrows) + LB or HB (wooden arrows), no gender limits, juniors can participate in team. 


17:00-21:00 – Arrival, unofficial warm-up.
8:00-10:00 – Registration, technical commission, official warm-up, team registration
10:00 – Opening ceremony
10:15-18:00 – Double 3D Standard Round (2 arrows, 56 targets)
8:00-10:00 – Warm-up
9.00 – Start for FU, BU & FS-R groups (except cubs)
10:00 – Start for all other groups
9:00-17:00 – Double 3D Hunting Round (1 arrow, 56 targets)
From 15:00  – Extra tournament
~17:30 – Medals Ceremony

NB! Organizer keeps right to change program if necessary.


Till 4.05.2019. 23:59 in registration form. Participation is confirmed by transferring participant fee, if registration or payment is made after 4.05.2019., organisers can refuse participation.

Teams can also be added at registration before the start. After the start of the competition, team registration will be not accepted.

Participant’s fee

  • Adult – 30.00 Euro (1 day – 15.00 Euro)
  • Junior & cadet – 12.00 Euro (1 day – 6.00 Euro)
  • In family with two adults, children (juniors & cadets) participate for free.
  • Team – 30.00 €

Participant fee must be transferred to FWA bank account.

Name: Biedrība „Free Wind Archers”
Reg.No.: 40008189358
Account: LV07PARX0013340800001
Bank: A/S „Citadele banka”
Payment information: Brasla cup 2019, name surname, bow style or team name.

Participant fee must be paid until 4.05.2019. Withdrawing before 4.05.2019. 90% repayment, after 04.05.2019. 50% repayment, in case of no-show (not informing organisers) – no repayment.

Winners & awarding

The winners will be determined by the results of two-day summary. If first 3 place results results are similar – shoot-off with one arrow (2nd group target), the closest to heart area center wins, other split places. The winners of groups of three or more participants are awarded with cups and diplomas. One day participants are not awarded.

Team winners will be determined by result summary of two-day competition. In case of shoot-off, all team participants shoots one arrow, biggest sum wins. Teams awarded with special prizes.

Prizes from, Falco, Northmen guild, Pargauja district sport club.

Additional information

Possible alcohol control & disqualification.


Place for tent & trailer in “Markulichi” – 6.00 € / per night (possible using toilets, fireplaces, electricity available all around camping place, in case of bad weather it will be possible to build tents indoors)

Nearest guest houses:


Pit stop (water, tea, coffee, pie, bun) – included in the participation fee.

Lunch by chief Jānis Sproģis & “Jāņoga” (Cēsis)

11th May – 7.00 €

  • Chicken ham with grill potato and garlic butter
  • Salad and sauce bar
  • Drink, bread

12th May – 4.00 €

  • Soolanka soup with sour cream and potato-onion pie
  • Drink, bread

Payment on the spot.


Main organisers, field captains:

  • Armands Vilisters: +371 2208 3028 (RUS, LAT)
  • Valdis Gaspersons: +371 2642 9742 (RUS, LAT)

Registration, participant lists, results:

Payments, repayments, questions about accommodation:

  • Jūlija Gaspersone: +371 2647 4300 (RUS, LAT)

Friends and sponsors: